Twin-Set aims for internationalisation and retail expansion

“Companies today are like platforms that need to be made wholly digital,” said Varisco in his initial remarks. The CEO defined Twin-Set as “not a luxury label, but an alternative to luxury, but a world that does inspires us,” and stated the brand will be paying close attention to another crucial element, namely story-tellingคำพูดจาก สล็อต666. “Ours is a lifestyle product that speaks several languages as it tries to communicate with consumersคำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง. Twin-Set wants to become an entertaining company, capable of generating emotions,” said Varisco.Twin-Set Simona Barbieri was acquired 4 years ago by the Carlyle investment fund, which began to work on the label’s international growth (65% of revenue is currently generated in Italy) and on transforming the company’s focus from wholesale to retail-oriented one. “This is a highly complicated process,” said Varisco, “in the last few years, retail sales management has increasingly become an exact science, one that however must be complemented by story-telling and the ability to generate emotions.” Twin-Set’s CEO revealed that the Italian fashion label’s objective for the next few years is to split revenue equally between Italy and abroad, and to improve EBITDA.

“Twin-Set is trying to temper its strong Italian feel with the ability to create a product whose style will appeal to consumers worldwide, while still preserving the company’s DNA,” said Varisco. The CEO ended by remarking how the Carpi textile district in Italy, where Twin-Set is located, is beset by a lack of communication among local companies, limiting the growth potential of the entire district.”The textile supply chain is a major Italian asset, and change is necessary to generate innovation, but there is a psychological resistance to it; I trust in the new generations,” concluded the CEO.

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